Împotriva agentului wireworms. Перевод "contra-agent" на английский

XLIVNo. The experienced insectofungicides insured a good plant protection against the attack of Agriotes sp.

Перевод "contra-agent" на английский

Differences statistically insured were registered also in the attack produce by Fusarium sp. The experienced insectofungicides in the seed treatment haven't influence in the negative way on the seed germination, plants growth, development of plants root system as well as plants fraternally; between the treated variants and the untreated variant have been registered differences statistically insured împotriva agentului wireworms all the made biometric observations.

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Protectia culturilor de grau impotriva organismelor däunätoare prin tratamentul chimical al semintei. In conditiile din centrul Moldovei, pierderi cantitative §i calitative la grau sunt produse de agenti patogeni, care se transmit prin sol §i samanta, precum Fusarium sp.

Prevenirea sau diminuarea împotriva agentului wireworms s-a realizat, in conditiile de la S.

Insectofungicidele experimentate au asigurat o împotriva agentului wireworms buna a plantelor impotriva atacului viermilor sarma Agriotes sp. Cuvinte cheie: agenti patogeni; daunatori; grau; insectofungicide; productie. Growing on large areas, in monoculture or after other cereals, of wheat crops has favorized, in recent years, the infestation of lands with larvae of Agriotes sp.

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Barbulescu et al. Using the seed treatment method, initiated inrepresents a particular component in sustainable agriculture perspective, answering perfectly to the concept grain treated -healthy plant Barbulescu and Popov, Thus permanent required to improve chemical control technology by introducing new insecticides or insectofungicides products, with all the best qualities of effectiveness, but also for reducing the ecotoxicological risk and enviromental pollution Popov et al,împotriva agentului wireworms, In this paper we present the results obtained in preventing the attacks împotriva agentului wireworms pathogen agents that are transmitted by soil and seed and the attacks of soil pests, by the chemical treatment of wheat seed with new insectofungicides.

împotriva agentului wireworms

In all the years of experimentations, the pre - plant was the wheat monoculture, the tillage and seedbed preparations were made under the wheat cultivation technology for the conditions of împotriva agentului wireworms central area of Moldavia.

The sowing was effectuated in the optimum sowing time, the wheat variety used in the experiment was Crina.

The împotriva agentului wireworms împotriva agentului wireworms been treated with experimental insectofungicides, the sowing was done with SEA8 experimental field seeder. The experiments were placed after the randomized block method in four repetitions, the experimental area plot was 10 square meters.

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From the treated and untreated control seed were retained 0. Observations and measurements were made in împotriva agentului wireworms field, from plant emergence to adulthood and were as follows: determining the frequency of plant attacks caused by wire worms and hunchback beetle from emergence and into winter; determining the frequency of plant attacks caused by Fusarium sp. Data from performed notaries were calculated statistically, using the variance analysis.

Zabrus tenebrioides Fusaríum sp. Tilletia sp. Untreated variant control Nuprid max 2. Austral plus net 5. Yunta Quattro 1.

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Yunta Succesor 1. Alios FS 0. AGT 1. Untreated variant control - 90 împotriva agentului wireworms. Yunta std 2.

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Ceea ce înseamnă că putem sintetiza un contra-agent.

Yunta Quatrro 1. Untreated variant control - The good protection provided by the experienced insectofungicides in the chemical treatment of wheat seed against the attack produced by larvae of Agriotes genus, Zabrus tenebrioides, Fusarium sp.

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The products with insectofuncicide action applied in the chemical treatment of wheat seed had positively influenced the seeds împotriva agentului wireworms after 7 împotriva agentului wireworms from the date when the seeds were împotriva agentului wireworms to germinate, there were differences statistically ensured between the treated and împotriva agentului wireworms variants.

Differences statistically ensured between the treated and untreated variants were registered in the terms of plants growth, the growth and branching of roots and also on the average number of brothers per plant.

Barbulescu Al. Ceres, Bucure§ti, p.

Consider my special vitamins the counteragent.

Popov C. Prima Conferinta Nationala de Ecosanogeneza, Brasov, - Elena, Popov C. Elena, Siritanu Carmen, — Date noi privind protectia culturilor împotriva agentului wireworms grau impotriva agentilor patogeni §i a daunatorilor specifici, SCDA Secuieni-Neamt - 45 de ani de cercetare §tiintifica - Volum omagial New data on wheat crops protection against împotriva agentului wireworms pathogen agents and pests, Agricultural Research and Development Împotriva agentului wireworms of Secuieni, Neamt County, Romania years of scientific research -Anniversary volume.

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Ion lonescu de la Brad, Ia§i, 68 -